When considering a remodel, many people may not know the process that goes into the installation of custom cabinetry. Having well-designed custom cabinets adds both style and functionality to a home. Let’s look at the custom cabinetry process.


Taking dimensions is the first step in the custom cabinetry process. In addition to the dimensions of your space, you will provide the dimensions for specific items, such as your appliances and sink. These dimensions will be passed on to the cabinetmaker, who will do line and 3D drawings for the project. These drawings will be presented to you for review. This is when any modifications or additions of specific details, such as spice racks, trash pullouts, door styles or other desired features, can be discussed. The new requests will be sent back to the cabinetmaker to have the drawings updated. When the final drawings are complete, they will be presented to you for approval.


The walls in the room will be framed out and the cabinetmaker will come to the house to measure and check the dimensions before beginning to build the cabinets. All measurements will be double-checked by the project manager and the cabinetmaker and then the cabinets will be built. This step is vital because custom cabinets are built to maximize the space in your home and prevent any empty voids or awkward cavities. Building time for custom cabinets varies, depending on the size of the job. For a large cabinet job it may take three to four weeks and for smaller jobs it may take one to two weeks. Once the framing and sheetrock are complete in the room, the custom cabinets will be installed.


After installation, the finishing touches will be put on the cabinets. Your cabinets will either be painted or stained to your specifications. The area will be properly taped off and the cabinets will be primed, painted and sealed to give them a lasting, high-quality look. Sometimes adding a splash of color on cabinetry can give it more of a furniture feel. You will love the beauty and functionality that come with new custom cabinets in your home. With an understanding of the process from design to installation, you are ready to begin with a company that understands your needs and is prepared to deliver a quality product that fits your lifestyle.

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