The idea of a home remodel can be frightening, especially if this is your first. People tend to think negatively about construction jobs — they think of the mess, the money, the noise, and everyone has heard a horror story or two of how their friend’s remodel never seemed to end. Let’s face it, change can’t happen without a little disruption in your life, but the final product is well worth it. Here are a few things that you can expect during your remodel and ways that you can make the process go a little more smoothly. Your remodel doesn’t have to be like the horror stories you’ve heard. All you need is to be prepared and understand that it has to be a team effort! Here’s what to expect…

Decisions to Make

Your remodel company wants to make you happy, so be prepared to make decisions along the way. Where do you want the sink, which style tub, what color tile, how many outlets, etc? These are the kinds of questions that you will be asked. Remember that the goal is for the space to suit your needs, so don’t let the process of making decisions overwhelm you.

The Unexpected

Every home has its own special surprise just waiting to be found during a remodel. Whether it’s wiring that isn’t right, plumbing problems or existing water damage, something unexpected may occur along the way. Knowing this beforehand will help you deal with the frustration that an issue may bring. Remember that this is part of the process, and be thankful the construction team found the problem before you had a bigger issue in the future.

Possible Delays

Construction timelines are typically based on a perfect world, and in our not-so-perfect world, things happen to delay the process. Should the timeline of your remodel job be stretched due to weather, scope changes or shipping troubles on factory items, it’s good to know to expect these things ahead of time. Keep your focus on the goal: a beautiful home that you will enjoy for years to come. It’s important not to trade time for quality.

Change Orders

This is work that is added to or deleted from the original contract, which changes the original contract amount and/or completion date. Perhaps you decide that you want a soaking tub, rather than a large walk-in shower. Change isn’t bad, but be prepared for it to adjust the budget up or down and potentially move the timeline.

Budget Concerns

The budget will likely weigh on your mind throughout the project. Keep in communication with your remodel company and keep good records of the expenditures. Change orders will be a factor in this. It is wise to keep an “extras fund” on hand that amounts to around 10% of the total budget, just in case something comes along that you decide needs to change.

A Dusty and Noisy Environment

You won’t likely want to host afternoon teas at your house during the project, but a good construction team will do their best to work around your schedule and keep dust to a minimum by covering the place with plastic. You can also help with the dust by closing any air vents that are in the room being remodeled and keeping that section of the house closed off, if possible.

Highs and Lows

There will be exciting moments that make you feel like real progress is being made, such as when they install your new bookshelves or tear out that awful linoleum. You will love seeing the beauty of the project coming together, but there will also be those moments where you wonder if it will ever end. Don’t worry, it will end and you will have a wonderful space that is suited to your needs. In the end, it’s definitely worth those low moments.

A Celebration When It’s Done!

It’s time to show off your new space! Invite your friends and family to come see the reward for your patience and hard work. This is the moment when you will look back and know that the process was worthwhile.


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