Interior Decorating

When the plan is almost complete, our interior decorator will assist with selection of the finishes for the project. You will meet with our interior decorator to review cabinetry choices, tile drawings and countertop options. In addition, assistance can be provided with choosing lighting fixtures, plumbing fixtures, appliances, decorative hardware, window coverings and even furniture. After shopping and meeting with the design team for each finish choice, a selection sheet, which breaks down all the finishes needed, such as paint color, tile choices, countertops, cabinets, etc., will be compiled and approved by the client, in order to create a better construction process.

Tile Drawings

These detailed, custom drawings of kitchen backsplashes, floors, bathtubs and showers, fireplaces, and any other tile application, are done in-house to give you an understanding of the look of the finished product. We can create several options with pricing so you will be well informed when making your choice of tile. Upon approval, these drawings are used during construction to ensure that the work is done to your specifications.

Cabinet Drawings

Unique, custom-built cabinets designs are drawn up for each client.   With the 3D pictures of the custom cabinets we provide, our clients will know exactly what to expect as a finished product. In addition, detailed drawings will also show locations and specific measurements of cabinets. During the review we will also discuss optional extras like spice racks, tray dividers and soft closing drawers.